Bryan (xenikos) wrote in sublimethinking,

my apology (not nearly as good as Plato's)

Sorry that I haven't been whatsoever active on the community - I basically haven't logged into livejournal for better than a year. I still think there is a great need for a place to exist on the web to bring together news (about books, conferences, etc.) and discussion for continental philosophers. The existing websites aren't quite what I imagine, and while I've spoken to philosophers who have web space and tools to easily set up such a thing, they don't think the interest will be there to warrant it. Academic philosophy is lagging behind as far as technological utilization is concerned (since we are mainly interested in attracting the attention of people in their 50s and 60s, this is not all that surprising).

In any case, while I won't be on LJ anymore, I have created a new place to talk about philosophy and music and other matters of personal importance - those of you I used to converse with can find that here (warning - it is in its infancy, and what little philosophical writing I have there is fairly lazy):

thanks to niveau for keeping stuff going and whatnot.
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