Niveau (niveau) wrote in sublimethinking,

G to the A, exception.

Okay, I want to get Giorgio Agamben out to Australia next year for a speaking tour. Does anyone know if Prof Agamben is anywhere near the southern hemisphere in 2008?

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Email him?
'Cold calls' are one of the worst tactics to employ in academia where the structure of university employability tends to reflect that of a group of friends and family. Hence my query on here... I really want to avoid just emailing him unannounced.
Yeah, of course you want to avoid doing that. And of course it would be great to find someone here who's somehow friends with him to arrange it for you. It's definitely worth a shot to try with this post, but at some point you just might have to break down and email him or his literary agent--that's what I meant. It's a somewhat absurd query on your part, but worthwhile in the event that someone does know him

Anyway, Good luck!