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Rampant Bibliophilia, or How One Survives As An Independent Academic

So I just got my Masters Degree in Philosophy from BC last August, got into two PhD programs, but had to make major changes in my plans after discovering that neither program came with funding, and that funding was impossible to obtain (I will forever curse the Marshall Scholarship for this), even on a second application, after I taught an intermediate level course at URI starting a week from getting my degree. Too bad I didn't realize this sooner! I've wound up having to take a second year off to re-apply, and perhaps to shift to Comparative Literature or some interdisciplinary program. Thankfully I just landed a part-time research assistant gig that'll get me continuous academic library access.

Survival as an academic outside of school was really rough at the outset, at least after my course ended (and there are far fewer adjunct positions in the spring). I found myself taking on 4 to 6 part-time jobs at any given time to make ends meet and still be able to read and write (and avoid the 9-5, which is death to me), writing software, working as a physicist's research assistant; anything to avoid an office or a temp agency. Now, at least, I've got three part-time jobs that are more than manageable, plus a gig doing some translation.

But what's really come as a surprise is that, as I am in the process of moving from one part of town to another, when I decided to sell off my old and duplicate academic books on eBay, I was met with much success. Moreover, I've found that most used bookshops don't bother to find out whether books in foreign languages are first editions, or special in any way. This motivated me to activate my latent entrepreneurial streak and go "all-in," as they say, and go into business with an online shop.

I'm here not merely to advertise it (I really have some treasures available), but also to propose to share the wealth (such as it is) - and this is NOT A SCAM - anyone referred to me from this (let me know via email or a comment), or making a purchase as a result, will receive either a 15% cut of the profits or a discount in the same amount.

Here's the store URL: ; I'm currently specializing in foreign language early editions, but there's a huge variety, and some forty more books going into the system tonight. I hope this is taken well.

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