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A place for the joining together of minds.

This community was started by niveau and xenikos because we were dissatisfied with existing philosophy communities and their tendency to devolve into bickering over definitional terms and buzzwords.

This community specializes in continental philosophy. But that doesn't mean we want to exclude people who don't have experience in academic philosophy. If I had to pick one just phrase to describe the aim of continental philosophy, it would be a study of the mind's relationship to the worlds it finds itself in, both physically and contextually. Therefore, anyone introspective about the meaning that surrounds them should join up.

In addition to regular open topics, your moderators will be hosting a discussion group around selected readings that we'll choose every few weeks or so.

Also, if you're stuck on any terms they should be found on http://plato.stanford.edu/, otherwise feel free to drop a query to us (xenikos or niveau).

Here is the list of books that have/are being read:

August 20th, 2003
Kant - Critique of Judgment


September 3, 2003
Kristeva - The Kristeva Reader, "The System and the Speaking Subject," pg 24-33
(*an editor's intro has been included in the pdf)


November 18, 2003
Zizek - Tarrying With the Negative, "The Christian Sublime, or, the 'Downward-Synthesis'," pg 50-53


March 1, 2004
Levinas - Totality and Infinity, pg 267-277


March 4, 2005
Lacan - Of Structure as the Inmixing of an Otherness Prerequisite to Any Subject Whatever


February 13, 2006
Negri - Marx Beyond Marx, "Lesson Five: profit, crisis, catastrophe," pg 85-104